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Excellent DD's - Day 7 - Mystical Seven

Seven ( lat. septem, gr. επτα, hebr. šeba, akad. šebe, ar. sab`a skt. saptá, nah. chicome, pol. siedem)

"Seven" is a mystical symbol known from the ancient times. The figure seven is considered mystical, distinctive rich symbolism. In many mythologies and religions of the world is a symbol of a whole, complementation symbolizes the relationship of time and space. In the New Testament (Matthew 18.21) is the fullness and perfection, in the Judaic religion was associated with seven days of the week, the seven archangels. The great festivals lasting for seven days. Seven weeks have elapsed between Passover and the Feast of Weeks. She was a symbol of protection and power over the world. She was associated with the seven planets. The Pythagoreans considered it the highest basic integer. In many mythologies was the attribute of gods, its value was presented in architecture, scriptures, commandments, cosmology.

Deadly Seven Sins focused artworks

Seven Deadly Sins by mindsiphon

Seven Deadly Sins: Pride by Procrust

Seven Deadly Sins: Greed by Procrust

lust by kaaaay

The seven deadly sins: ENVY by KimFuentebella

Gluttony by dholl

The seven deadly sins: WRATH by KimFuentebella

The Seven Deadly Sins: SLOTH by dahlig

Fantasy focused artworks

the circle of Seven Towers by Helga-Helleborus

The Seven Mountains by Shue13

House Of The Seven Sins by NataliaSoleil

Seven Sirens and the Silver Tear by autumnsmuse

Seven Lives by StigmaChina

The Black Hands Seven by ukitakumuki

The Seven Virtues: Sapientia by KristinaGehrmann

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Excellent DD's - Day 6



... by MindShelves
Up and Above by VerticalDubai N I G H T L I F E by AxelMyro Electric City by amipal

Architecture - Exteriors

Hungarian Parliament by HelenaSevine
Castle in Swidwin (Poland) by KrzysztofSmejlis
Beautiful Traditional Architecture by babakgolparian Budapest by HelenaSevine Golcar Viaduct 4 by Cowboyz123

Architecture - Metro Stations

Moscow metro by TsarVseyaRusi

Architecture - Interiors

Graphisme-86 by Sblourg
The Ward by siamesesam


II: Gaia by ErikShoemaker
Another really bad hair day by ErikShoemaker Celestial by MirellaSantana Skeptics Crown by AbbeyMarie
The last quiet place by ElenaDudina

Drawings & Paintings

Raiders by Datem
Broken by Keitronic Power-moon by Vasylina Ataiko Final Form by fantazyme
Bloody land by rainth34<da:thumb id="601069962"/>
The Border - Seekers by Seven-teenth

Excellent DD's - Day 5

friendly guys by slownumbers

E I L E I T H Y I A by Befera

Terminator by AlexRuizArt
CloneTrooper by AlexRuizArt<da:thumb id="599880698"/>

Old House 02 Da by Massi-San

Excellent DD's - Day 4

On the way to the top by canitiem

Excellent DD's - Day 3

Skyrim - Hidden Peak Barrow by MichalKus
A-la russe style collection by GreatQueenLina

. by MWeiss-Art

69 Stang by AmericanMuscle

View from above 01 by RafalBigda
<da:thumb id="597760446"/>

Excellent DD's - Day 2

Truth or Dare by NeverLookBackknowhere by augenweideZombie Boy by BlackMagicLibraWithin light by niwet
Adventure Time by MGawronski
Hot'n'cold Warsaw by mysterious-oneUntitled by NickSachosgothic-Neo-gothic by DagoKrakus

Excellent DD's - Day 1

Crystal Anthem by lostknightkg  Isolation by MikkoLagerstedt
 Ice Chapel by WojciechDziadosz
Spring Blues by Unkopierbar
Gateway to the Future by Unkopierbar

City of Atlas by HoustonSharp  PWC Building London by hessbeck-fotografix  Hamburg (4) by Vanyadune
I looked through my messages and it turns out that I have a small dA achievements that I can be proud of ;-) This is the short list:

one of my photo 'Doctor Eve II' has been placed in a short article reminding the ongoing competition "World of Colors" on the site (…). The image takes part in the competition, of course :D (Big Grin)

* my photo 'Eve in black leather' and 'Familok in Kato' have been featured in the journal entry in the GeorgieDeeArt profile.

* my photo 'Easy Rider' have been featured in journal entry in the UnlimitedPhotography group.

* my photo 'Arena Zabrze Football Stadium' have been featured in journal entry in the PolishArtists group.

* 2 March 2016 - I founded new photography group focused on architecture - Architectural-Dreams.

* my artwork 'Vivid Doctor Eve' have been requested to submit to the Manipulating-Dreams group.

* my photo 'Familok in Kato' have been requested to submit to the ThatOnePerfectShot group.

* my photomanipulation/customization 'Easy Rider' have been featured in journal entry in the Roguemudblood profile.

* my artwork 'Deadly Sun Stock' have been requested to submit to the o0-Freebies-stock-0o group.

* my photo 'Old Beggar Woman of Katowice'
have been featured in journal entry in the Beginners-United group.

* my space artwork 'Spiral Galaxy Firestorm'
have been featured in journal entry in the MoxC profile and requested to submit to the o0Celestial-Bodies0o group.

* my photo 'To the Kato'
have been featured in journal entry in the Nine-Muses group.

* my photo 'Snowflake Star'
have been requested to submit to the Photo-n-Art-Lovers group.

* my photo 'Old Beggar Woman of Katowice'
have been requested to submit to the CRPhotography group.

* my photo 'Gliwice Radiostation'
have been requested to submit to the Nine-Muses group.

* my space artwork 'Gas Planet'
have been requested to submit to the 3DShe-YouTube group.

* my photo 'Familok in Kato' have been requested to submit to the Teach-Me-Photography group.

* my photo 'To the Kato' have beenrequested to submit to the photographygalore, CRPhotography and Nine-Muses groups.